It’s All About The Trails!

Forget about “sharing the road” and all that hassle for a moment (although it’s a topic that needs revisiting). Let’s talk about the trails! Oh yeah…that’s what we’re talking about at! In the last several decades it has become obvious that more and more of us are taking to trail riding, and it’s not just because a lot of us get tired of trying to enjoy a ride on busy roads.

The beauty of the land and the views are another aspect to it, as is the challenge itself that is presented when riding on a trail. It’s just not that easy, is it! We want to encourage you to do whatever you can to support your local cycling clubs – it’s a LOT of work to clear and maintain safe and accessible trails, and your local clubs are passionate about making it happen so that you and your families can enjoy them. Please support them! They will thank you.

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